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Who says theatre gets no love?

Theatre in Antigua and Barbuda had long been dormant …but the 2008 staging of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues by Women of Antigua proved that if you make it, they will come.


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Theatre for a Cause (or three or four…)

I’ve been meaning to share some moments from this year’s Vagina Monologues and When a Woman Moans staging in Antigua, but I left the island soon after and this is the first chance I’ve had to revisit the scene. It was as always (five years in and the final year to boot) a thrilling experience for a worthy cause and I hope that beyond laughter, beyond even the years and murmurs of approval, we become active in our communities in defence of victims of abuse , we realize our worth as women and our right to expect that our partners do the same, we embrace our full leadership potential in all spheres of our community, we realize that men and women are partners on this journey together – and that we need more men to become active, embrace, realize and yes recognize!

Vagina Tales:

Zahra Airall of Women of Antigua was happy to declare this year one of their best with respect to their staging of Eve Ensley’s Vagina Monologues and homegrown When a Woman Moans. While they were still counting the cost, Airall said she was happy with the turnout, if less than happy with the sponsorship or lack thereof.  But her measure of success was … Read More to find out what that measure was in 2012 and then some

Also from 2012 – What Makes a Woman Moan? I wrote a series of articles on this; the one on Birthing and Feeling Fulfilled were found on the publication website; will add the others if I find them.

Here’s the Women of Antigua You Tube channel for fun behind the scenes stuff; and a video flash back.

Speaking of flash back, here I am in year one (my how time has flown):


Press clipping, Antigua Sun.

Also, just a little something I wrote just before the production and posted to She Writes – Our Va-jay-jays know how to dance.

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Women of Antigua 2012

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Highlights of the latest August Rush Newsletter

There’s so much goodness in the April 23rd edition of the dynamic duo (August Rush)’s newsletter, I just had to share some of it.

…Expressions: Poetry In The Pub continues Tuesday 24th April at our Heavenly Java 2 Go home at the boardwalk at the Redcliffe Quay. The night get’s going at 8pm. To sign-up in advance to perform, email us at augustrush.antigua@gmail.com or call 783-4120 or 779-6634.

…It’s that time of the year again, when Women of Antigua (WOA) has everyone moaning. This year the organisation celebrates their 5th year of existence with a bang as they will be staging two different productions; The Vagina Monologues on Saturday 26th May and When A Woman Moans on Saturday 27th May. Both productions will begin at 8:05 pm. Tickets are $40 per night, and $70 for both nights ($10 discount). Stay tuned for the early bird special when you can pay $60 for both nights…After this year’s performance, WOA will be taking a hiatus from the shows in order to focus and produce other activities in an effort to empower people and end violence in Antigua and Barbuda, one of which will be the One Billion Rising campaign…on 14th February, 2013… ‘Like’ The WOA page ‘When A Woman Moans 2011’, and stay tuned into all the organisation’s activities including Campaign Moan, which is designed to raise awareness and also promote the show. WOA is asking the public to answer a simple question: “Why do women moan?”.  Answers are to be written on a manila or sheet of paper, held up in front of the individual and a photograph taken and emailed to campaignmoan.anu@gmail.com. Photos will be posted on the When A Woman Moans Facebook page, where the public can vote for their favourite answer. The winner will receive tickets to this year’s productions…Another promotion this year, is the production of WOA TV, which grants the public a behind-the-scenes pass to rehearsals and cast members. Videos can be seen on the Facebook group page as well. For further information or to get involved you can visit the Facebook page ; email woa.vday@gmail.com or call 779-6634, 723-6934, 772-7913 or 780-7754.

…The Just Write Retreat is the first of its kind in Antigua and Barbuda – a weekend for established and new writers looking for space to write, get ideas and insights into their craft. An island as small as ours means that fund raising is limited to the same corporations that fund cultural, sporting and educational events – this money will assist 12 writers and three tutors as allow for two of the tutors to share the experience with inmates in the island’s, small, yet over crowded prison. As much as most of the sessions will be voluntary – it is not sustainable as writing time costs money. A donation of U$25 will buy writing equipment such as journals; US$50 will pay for a day of the three day writers retreat. A donation of US$100 will cover two days at the retreat. Your money will help make writing accessible, it will help to build a sustainable writing project that is annual. Donate today by clicking here.


They also included a little big up re my launch but I clipped it. You can see launch coverage here, and purchase the book here. And you know you have my sincerest thanks; right?

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