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Antiguan Writer Poll

I am the Antiguan Writer referenced.

(oh just me trying to take a picture of my inked voting finger post election in Antigua and Barbuda)

This is my YouTube channel which has hit 100 subs prompting a celebratory benchmark activity of your choosing. Vote here for:

An Ask Me Anything Live

A reading from a work in progress

A reading from a published work (taking requests)

A reading from something I’m reading or recently read

I’m also, per today’s Journaling Writing on my Jhohadli blog considering a February/Black History Month reading series of my journaled short stories (apparently I have 28 of those). I usually use that month (Black History Month in the US and US adjacent Caribbean) to boost writing by other (especially but not exclusively Caribbean) writers but am thinking this time around charity begins at home…my home…with me…my stories. If I do that, it might be as 1 minute reads as YouTube shorts and I’ll be companioning it with putting in work to (hopefully) wrap up my short story collection in progress:: content in, content out.

(me, journaling writing)

If you have any interest in either of the above activities, it would be good to subscribe to the Antiguan Writer YouTube channel, click the community tab and vote in the poll before the end of January, and let me know in the comments below if there’s any interest in my February/Black History Month project – if there is connect with my social media to ensure you don’t miss out.

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