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Wadadli Pen Winners in Anansesem

Akeile Benjamin’s Adventures of Mr. Coconut is one of two Wadadli Pen 2012 finalists to have been selected for inclusion in the latest issue of Anansesem. It is the first of the two to be posted to the website of the Caribbean children’s ezine, with (per the editor’s discretion) new illustrations by 16-year-old Joshua Wong of Trinidad. To see the original with drawings submitted by the school, Wesleyan Junior Academy, go here. To see the version with new illustrations at Anansesem, go here.

UPDATE: Akeile’s story seems to be something of a critical success. Pulled these comments from Facebook: 
“I really do love this story. The voice that comes through is sweet, sincere and very special. I hope Akeile continues to write!”

“I too was impressed by Akeile’s story. She masters the simplicity and brevity that children’s authors aim for. All aspiring children’s authors can stand to learn a lot from reading children’s writing. And Joshua did such a good job illustrating the story!” 

And now the second story selected, Vega Armstrong’s Legend of the Sea Lords is posted as well. See the original here, and the version on Anansesem with illustrations by Jolie Wong, here.

UPDATE: Vega’s story is also receiving some facebook love:  “I loved the story! Vega is a very talented writer. Congratulations to Vega!”

“Wow! So impressed!

Congratulations and continued writing to both Akeile and Vega, and to all the daring young people who continue to take up the Wadadli Pen challenge.

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