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A & B Arts Round Up – October 11th 2019 —>

October 20th 2019 –

October 27th 2019 –

October 20th – November 2nd 2019 –

*note: at a glance, the Independence programme does not, with the possible exception of the theatrical presentation, include any literary arts activities. This has been touch and go over the years (some years there’s an independence writing comp, some years not, some years a showcase of some sort, sometimes not – no consistency). Again, we would like to direct the ptb to the open letter read in 2011 at the lit arts competition awards by the then coordinator and shared on this site re what’s needed for more consistency re lit arts out of Culture and would add only that to propel action, consistent or otherwise, more than lip service, there would need to be the will to prioritize lit arts.

November 20th 2019 – 10 a.m. – 12 noon – 69483545_10157334105159373_8559521413180948480_n

*Note. I reached out to the library for more information on its Author of the Month series which I will also be adding to the Opportunities page. But, in a nutshell, this series is part of the Public Library’s aim to introduce the local community to its authors. Selections are done based on availability of the authors during the months of January – November. The authors are invited to display their books and read excerpts from their work. There is a Q&A segment and the audience is encouraged to purchase these books or they are informed where the purchases can be made. For more information or to be booked, contact the library directly: publib287@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/NPLAntiguaBarbuda

October 26th 2019 – 72167513_1003758986630904_8622994007544299520_o.jpg

November 16th and 21st, December 12th, 14th, and 19th 2019 – 71498258_2222054817898821_4518888641497399296_n

November 30th 2019  -7 p.m. – English Harbour Town – 

December 14th 2019 –

January 18th 2020 – 71044434_1093389037533426_6214732503815553024_n

Independence activities lifted from the Culture Department facebook page; plus see Best of Book’s, Halo’s, and Spilling Ink’s facebook for more information on their activities.

As with all content on Wadadli Pen, unless otherwise indicated, this is written by author and Wadadli Pen founder and coordinator Joanne C. Hillhouse. All rights reserved.

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Wadadli Pen Open Mic Returns

Its a new season of Wadadli Pen Open Mic, organized and hosted by The Best of Books. They’re getting the ball rolling under the theme: Just Speak. Wadadli Pen Open Mic begins promptly at 7:30pm this Saturday 14th September @ Best of Books on lower St.Mary’s street. Invitation is extended to one and all to come out, share, listen and enjoy the word.

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Wadadli Pen Open Mic

As we enter the month of February, when we contemplate and celebrate the struggles, sacrifices, and inventions of those gone before us we enter another session of Wadadli Pen Open Mic with the topic: ‘I Am…’. No doubt a simple yet deep topic that we invite one and all to come and help express.


Wadadli Pen Open Mic starts @7:30pm Saturday 9th February


Blogger’s note: You know, if you wanted to test out your 2013 Wadadli Pen submission before submitting, this’d be the place to do it.

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Poetry Season Opens in Antigua and Barbuda

Two of the more popular and consistent literary arts activities in Antigua and Barbuda begin their comeback.

The mic is once again open at the Best of Books (St. Mary’s Street), which begins its new season of the Wadadli Pen Open Mic this Saturday 8th September. The topic for this session is: An Open Mind. So write, come, and share. Session begins at 7:30 pm.

Meanwhile, Season 4 of Expressions is getting ready to jump off and the August Rush team behind the popular series wants to know, are you ready? It’s the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and the new season comes with new features. Stay in the loop by sending a request to augustrush.antigua@gmail.com to be a part of their mailing/newsletter list. For more info call us 783-4120 or 779-6634 or email them.

It’s happening! The literary arts are alive and well in Antigua! Step up to the mic or just come out and soak up the vibes!

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On Break

Wadadli Pen Open Mic will be on break until September 8th when they will be kicking things off for the new season. Have a great summer. See you in September.

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Lit News – a mini update

1. The local literary community made out okay at the National Youth Awards this past Saturday. Congrats to Tameka Jarvis-George, Brenda Lee Browne, and the Best of Books. Jarvis-George received the Literary Arts Award, Browne received a Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Best of Books rceived a Corporate Award. It was a good night; congrats to both winners and organizers (on a totally self-indulgent note congrats also to my niece D’jeri for her sports award). Here’s more.

2. Emile Hill’s Angels Project launches this coming Saturday at the National Museum, 8 p.m. Looking forward to it. Congrats to him as well.

3. You have to check this out.

4. And don’t forget all the other fun activity: Mixing poetry and moonlight are Expressions and the Wadadli Pen Open Mic especially – the former the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at Heavenly Java 2 Go and the latter the second Saturday of every month at the Best of Books on Friars Hill Road, #1 Village Walk Mall. No word yet on the December Open Mic theme but I can tell you that Expressions is planning a special screening for its last session of the season, December 13th.

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You feel dat?

These two pieces – ‘Black’ and ‘Dat’ – from the Wadadli Pen Open Mic series are written by series host Glen Toussaint:

This Gemma Hazelwood photo of Glen Toussaint was actually taken at August Rush's Expressions ... yep, he's a regular there, too.


I must not

I cannot

I shall not

I will not

I refuse to shed tears

I will make an example of

Will become the example to
allay all fears

I must not bend or break

The film is gone from my
eyes and I can see you

Smaller, weaker, slower,

I will be that light

Your weapons do not
impress me

Whips, chains, guns

I break them all, my will
is MY weapon

I cannot bend or break

My mind is focused

My thoughts are my own

The fool is dead and so is
the monkey and the jester

Dats how we’s do good right

My mind is clear, take
your fog and your haze

Set to blaze, I possess a

I shall not bend or break

My bones are iron

My flesh is rock

Skin like obsidian quilt

Hair like whip cord

Evolved into something not

This is what I’ve become

The end result of your
psychological sodomy

Your spiritual alchemy

LOOK at me

I will not bleed

I refuse to cry

I reject pain

I will not die

My heart has known fire

My heart is on fire

My heart owns fire

Call on the gods ancient
and new

I rebuke you

All that was me, lay dead
and ashen

All that is me has awoken

My will is my weapon, I
will live for freedom’s sake

I will not bend or break

Glen Toussaint 2011 ©


You feel dat…?

You doh feel dat garca????


Tell me you can hear dat den.

What you mean hear what?


Well at least you can see dat, right?


Garca ou ka fet blag, garca

You joking if you tell me you doh feel dat



You foolin if you can tell me you doh hear dat



Garca, you mad if you tell me you kya see dat




Padna, is feel you feeling dat long before you hear dat,
you know

You really mean you don’t know what ‘dat’ is


It’s the lapou-kabwit, the steel pan, the iron band

It’s the Nyabinghi, the Cannoes, the Conch shell


More than that,

It’s the earth, and the sea

It’s the wind, rain, sun, heat

Shaleh, garcon, from your feet go up

Shaleh, garcon, when your woman get hot


Its still more than that

Its movement and years

It’s the rhythm, the riddim

The ebb and flow

Of life, of colour, of vibe, of contrasts

Between distinct and indistinct

You hear dat boy! Hai sah, you hear me little while

Dat – make me sound like a poet chile’

Like I educated and ting

But wait…

Aha you starting to feel it

Yes watch your face, man, is dat

Yes man, chain break, you feel it

In your ches’ right dere, you feel it

Hai…it sweet not true

Dats de ting man,

Watch you, it sweet.

Fling back and jump

Sweat and shout,

It building force,

Move, move, MOVE garca

Turn around, fall down, roll, get up padna

Twist and bend,

Buss’ out again

Yeah man

You feel dat now

Yeah garca

You hear dat now

Yeah padna

You see it now

Yah man, DAT
is de ting man,

DAT is it.

Glen Toussaint© 2011

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Christmas in Antigua

After a poll among Wadadli Pen Open Mic regulars, the topic for the next session has been announced as

Christmas in Antigua


Of Reindeer and Donkeys

…because say Best of Books, which organizes and hosts the Open Mics, in the spirit of giving you might like more than one topic.

The next session is December 11th at the Best of Books on Friars Hill Road.

And here’s a heads up on the January topic: The Older I get (become), the more I understand

Date to be announced.

Remember, the Wadadli Pen Open Mic, just like the competition it borrows its name from targets mostly young writers. But as we’ve learned from previous sessions young and young at heart quite enjoy mixing it up. Stop by; for more contact the Best of Books.

The Team at Literary Antigua


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Fun While It Lasted

‘Fun while it Lasted’ is the topic for the Wadadli Pen Open-Mic to be held at the Royal Palm Branch on Friars Hill Rd on Saturday, 13th November 2010 starting 7:30pm. All are invited to come, share and listen.

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