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Your work will be reviewed by our judges and, if shortlisted, will be returned to you (with judges’ comments) for editing before final selection and announcement of winners. This means that the submissions may be edited for grammar and clarity, tone, consistency, and flow (as works routinely are, before publication) but you will have the opportunity to review and either approve or reject any suggested changes and re-submit before the final judging decision is made.

Winning pieces will be posted on the Wadadli Youth Pen web site https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com and may be circulated to other sites/publications promoting Caribbean literature in particular. This would be strictly for promotional purposes (not for profit). Additionally, with your submission, you grant the organizers of this contest, first time publication rights and non-exclusive right to re-publish the work in future. You will, however, retain your copyright and have the option to use your work however you wish once the winners have been announced and awarded and the work has been posted to the Wadadli Pen web site. Should you decide to republish the piece elsewhere, we ask that you cite Wadadli Pen as a place of previous publication and provide the Wadadli Pen web address: https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com

If you are selected as a winner, you accept that you may be called upon to make media appearances as well as readings at the request of the organizers of Wadadli Pen (i.e. this will be a courtesy, your schedule allowing, not an obligation; and is in the interest of promoting you – the writer, the contest, and the literary arts in Antigua and Barbuda).

It is understood that beyond the prizes you may collect as a winner of this competition, if you are successful, no additional compensation will be due or forthcoming from the organizers and/or partners of Wadadli Pen; and that the the Wadadli Pen organizers/partners respect your copyright and will not personally profit from your work but do leave the window open to post and/or publish the works collectively for promotional and fundraising purposes in support of the Wadadli Pen programme.

Our goal is to encourage the literary arts and to create as many avenues as possible for showcasing some of the best young writing coming out of Antigua and Barbuda.

If you have concerns that may be a deterrent to submitting or need clarity on any of the terms posted here, please email wadadlipen@yahoo.com

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