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Wadadli Stories – Teaser

Wadadli Stories logo

Mark your calendar – Saturday 13th May, 2017 from 10am to 8pm, St. John’s City.

Ways you can participate…

Volunteer to assist
Buy-in to help cover costs
Help spread the word
Come out to support

p.s. We know you’re waiting for the results of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize 2017 Challenge. Well, like we said at the top, mark your calendar…

For more on the Wadadli Stories book fair or to contact the organizers, visit
the Wadadli Stories facebook page


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How’s the Summer Reading Coming?

Some weeks ago, I shared my recs for summer reading from Wadadli. Here are some Caribbean picks – the poetry, fiction, and non-fiction finalists for the 2016 Bocas Prize (no, sadly, I haven’t read any of them yet but I’d say being Bocas finalists stands them in good stead. What you say?)

Bocas winners

Wife by Tiphanie Yanique (poetry): “These spare, elegant poems are not only intensely body focused and attentive to the minutiae of domestic space, but that they make connections to the worlds of family, church, village and nation – and even, in a poem the references the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, to the soul. Their context is a Virgin Islands’ past, a Black American present, and an enlarged human future.” More at Peepal Tree Press

The Gymnast and Other Positions by Jacqueline Bishop (non-fiction): “The stories, none more than a few pages long, can be read at several levels. The mentor who teaches the child gymnast a contortionist’s erotic positions, the adoptive mother who shoots down ex-partner and adopted child when the former debauches the latter as the subject of pornographic photographs; the relationship between tattooist and the woman who offers her naked body for decoration are all sharply and persuasively realized as short fictions, but they also hint at a writer’s interior dialogue and can be read as parables about the relationship between the free imagination and the controlling and even potentially betraying power of art.” More at Peepal Tree Press

The Pain Tree by Olive Senior (fiction): “Olive Senior’s new collection of stories, The Pain Tree, is wide-ranging in scope, time period, theme, locale, and voice. There is — along with her characteristic ‘gossipy voice’ — reverence, wit and wisdom, satire, humour, and even farce. The stories range over at most a hundred years, from around the time of the second world war to the present. Like her earlier stories, Jamaica is the setting but the range of characters presented are universally recognisable as people in crisis or on the cusp of transformation.” More at Cormorant Books

p.s. Did you hear about the CaribbeanReads Summer Sale – that means you can get one of the books on the Wadadli List, my Musical Youth, at a discounted rate.

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Last year (2010), we did a visual arts component of the Wadadli Pen competition for the first time. Mark Brown assisted with setting that up and put a team together to select the winners. Last year was also the first time, entries were theme-specific, and that was mostly because Wadadli Pen after a three year hiatus was returning as part of a Black History Month programme I was spearheading with a small grouping of Antiguans (Zahra Airall, D. Gisele Isaac, Kush DaVid, Cedric Holder, Mark Brown, Brenda Lee Browne, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, the Best of Books). The visual art competition – which consisted primarily of mixed media pieces – was more successful than the lit arts competition, last year, I’ll be honest. The lit entries have picked up considerably this year (though it’s nowhere near what it was during the competition’s first run and in particular 2005) but 2010 was dismal. The art entries in a way kept the competition alive. So, it’s always bugged me that I didn’t have them for posting here. But thanks to ByZIAPhotography, the indefatigable Zahra Airall, I have at least some of them – albeit not properly tagged. If any of the artists venture here and can identify their pieces, I’d appreciate it. Everyone else, enjoy. And if you’re a budding Antiguan and/or Barbudan artist (35 or younger) who hasn’t yet registered for this year’s art competition (creating illustrations for the short listed stories), I hope this will provide inspiration and you’ll email your name, gender, age,  location, school, phone and email contact to wadadlipen@yahoo.com to be registered. I have to admit, even more than the stories themselves, I’m eager to see what images artists come up with in response to them. I may be a writer but I have a deep appreciation for all the arts. However, don’t worry, I won’t be judging the 2011 art pieces; that task falls to art teacher Renee Philip and her team.


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Wake them, Let them rise and shine

The next Wadadli Pen Open Mic takes place on October 9th at the Best of Books Royal Palm. The theme – a tie in with the Independence Literary Arts competition – is ‘Wake them, let them rise and shine’.

This year, the competition welcomes fiction, poetry, non fiction, and spoken word submissions. Spoken word artists will have to pre-register at the Best of Books by October 7th, with the competition set for October 9th at the Best of Books, Royal Palm.

For more on the upcoming Wadadli Pen open mic or the Independence literary arts competition, email literaryantigua@yahoo.com

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