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Come on, librarians, rec that book!

So you’re a librarian, and you’ve just read a book you really like…imagesYIWY6ZAR

You can do one of a few things…

  1. Keep all that goodness to yourself
  2. Mention it at your next book club or reading club meeting
  3. Rec it to library users
  4. Review it on the library’s vlog or book blog (whaaat, the library doesn’t have one? well, your post will be the first) and then promote the hell out of that post on the library’s social media…and your own too…and your friends…point is, buzz it
  5. Nominate the book for the Impac Dublin award

See that last one? Only libraries can do that, so that’s on you, librarians. Awards (even making an awards long list where you can kind of see the prize if you squint) help edge books – yes, that book you love that nobody’s ever heard of – into broader conversations, bigger spaces; media coverage, more critical attention, and, yes, more sales, more readers. It’s kind of a big deal.

So, if you’re a librarian and you’re reading this – including and especially librarians from our small communities here in the Caribbean – throw your support behind our writers by chatting that book up, writing a review, and, yes, nominating that book for prizes, like the Impac Dublin award, at which you think it deserves a shot, just a shot, that’s all…just a shot. Think how many books, really good books, languish in obscurity for want of name recognition, a network, an advocate. You can be that advocate.


The International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award is presented annually for a novel written in English or translated into English. The Award is an initiative of Dublin City Council the municipal government of Dublin which now retains full ownership of the award. The Award aims to promote excellence in world literature. Nominations are submitted by library systems in major cities throughout the world. The award is now in its 20th year. The Lord Mayor of Dublin is Patron of the Award.

Titles are nominated on the basis of ‘high literary merit’ as determined by the nominating library.

The nomination process for the Award is unique as nominations are made by libraries in capital and major cities throughout the world. Participating libraries can nominate up to three novels each year for the Award. Over 400 library systems in 177 countries worldwide are invited to nominate books each year. Dublin City Libraries actively seek out and encourage nominations from countries who have not previously nominated books for the award. Libraries interested in participating should contact the organisers for details.

Did you read that last bit? Libraries interested in participating should contact the organizers for details.

Here is the contact information: International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award Office. Dublin City Library & Archive. 138 – 144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2. Ireland. Email: literaryaward@dublincity.ie. Tel +353 1 6744802.

For more on the Impac Dublin award, go here

And writers, as you know, more Opportunities are to be found here and Opportunities with upcoming deadlines, right here

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